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Extensive Experience in Ultra-Precision Optical Lenses Machining

Surface Form Accuracy Up to 0.01 Micrometers Surface Smoothness Achieving 10 Nanometers Equipped with Toshiba ULG Ultra-Precision Equipment from Japan Taylor Hobson 1240 Inspection Device
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Manufacturer of Ultra-Precision Non-Metallic
Component Machining

Providing You with Comprehensive Custom Optical Lenses Services

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Solar Valley
More than 20 Years of Dedication

Specializing in the Research, Development, and Processing of Non-Metallic Materials such as Quartz, Glass, and Ceramics!

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Customerized, High Precision

Types of Solar Valley Optical Lens

As one of the most professional non-mental materials manufacturers, we produce all kinds of Customized ultra precision structural parts, High reliable optical components, Molded lenses, Fiber optic components and Laser accessories.

For compression measurement occasions, the force measurement sensor widely used in tanks weighing and various scales.

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Optical Components

For tension measurement occasions, the force transducer widely used in testing machine and hopper scale, hook scale.

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Molded Lenses

For pressure measurement occasions, widely used in valve, water pressure, and oil pressure measurement.

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Fiber Optic Components

For wire rope tension measurement, widely used in hoist and hook equipment.

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Laser Accessories

Looking for Optical Lens?

Solar Valley Optical Lens Applications

As one of the Optical Lens manufacturers, our Optical Lens is mainly used for Automobile, Medical Inspection, Pharmaceutical Industry, Microscopic Instrument, Industrial Inspection, Robot, VR/AR and CCTV in various industries.

LiDAR core optical parts, infrared thermal imaging lens solutions
Glass, quartz and ceramic component for medical industry
Medical Inspection
Glass and quartz components for pharmaceutical industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Microscope lens
Microscopic Instrument
Lens and ultra precision components for industrial inspections
Industrial Inspection
Lens and ultra precision components for robot
Ultra precision machining, ultra thin and light technology
Large aperture, high pixel, small size, high compatibility

Customize Your Optical Lens

Solar Valley Optical Lens Capabilities

Professional production R & D equipment and design department, independent mechanical processing and optical workshop, have provided customized products for thousands of customers.

Infrared Glass Manufacturing

With a long history of experience in Chalcogenide Glass production, Solar Valley produces a variety of different Chalcogenide glasses in its Shenzhen, China facility.

Diamond Turning

Solar Valley has the assets and proven expertise to supply infrared optics for the most challenging programs. The shapes we produce include rotationally symmetric spheres, aspheres and diffractive lenses.

Optical Fabrication

Solar Valley employs multiple fabrication technologies for production of optical components.

Precision Glass Molding

Solar Valley's glass molding technology has enabled high volume production of aspheric optics while maintaining the highest quality at an affordable price. Solar Valley offers standard and custom-made lenses, all designed by our expert optical design engineers.

Freeform Optics

Solar Valley leveraging our positioning in three continents, our capacity to produce millions of molded lenses can be further broadened to support high volume applications with precision molded freeform optics.

Optical Coating

From Ultraviolet and Visible, to Near, Mid and Long Wave Infrared, Solar Valley offers a broad variety of deposition technologies allowing us to create custom coating solutions for the most demanding applications.




About Solar Valley

Why Choose Solar Valley

Solar Valley has 24 years of experience in high-precision machining and owns more than 20 technology patents. Specializing in quartz, glass, ceramics and other non-mental materials development and processing molding, and we accumulated rich experience at hot melt and cold turning, ultra precision molding machine, CNC machining centers, Taylor Hobsion1240 surface roughness equipment is top level in the world. Independently developed a wide range of machining tooling, fixtures, to achieve a complete grooving, cutting, drilling, curve shape, face grinding, surface polishing, high precision machining free-form surface mirror polishing techniques. Our integrated technology reached the international advanced level.


Solar Valley focused on ultra precision production for over 20 years.


More than 200 domestic and foreign users choose the products of Solar Valley.


Our factories cover an area of about 2000 square meters.


Our factories manufactured more than 150 Million units of product.

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