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Thin Quartz Tube

Thin Quartz Tubes are fundamental structural elements in optical communication devices, characterized by their compact size, high precision, high hardness, and superior resistance to environmental factors. These tubes play a crucial role in the assembly and stabilization of optical components, including optical collimators, isolators, and high-power lasers. Manufactured through a meticulous process, the quartz mother tube is first cleaned, then heated in a high-temperature graphite furnace under inert gas protection. Through continuous pulling, drawing, and cutting operations, this method efficiently produces small-diameter, transparent quartz tubes with exceptional dimensional accuracy. Ideal for large-scale production, this process significantly lowers the cost of components while enhancing their quality, making Thin Quartz Tubes indispensable in the optical communication industry.

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Specification of Thin Quartz Tube

Small diameter quartz tube product parameter table
projectIndicator requirements
Material propertiesQuartz Quartz, Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) content>99.9%
Density: 2.2×10³Kg/m³ Thermal expansion coefficient: 5.5×10-7cm/cm℃
Compressive strength: 4.8×107 Pa (N/m²) (7000psi)
Tensile strength: >1.1×109 Pa (160000psi)
Softening point: 1683℃ Annealing point: 1215℃ Deformation point: 1120℃
Refractive index: 1.4585
Dielectric constant: 3.75 (@1MHz) Insulation strength: 5×107V/m
Dimensional accuracyOuter diameter OD: φ0.5≤OD≤φ3mm or customized according to customer requirements
Recommended outer diameter: φ0.5, φ1.0, φ1.5, φ2, φ2.4, φ2.8, φ3

Outer diameter tolerance: OD±0.10mm or customized according to customer requirements
Recommended inner diameter: Φ0.25, Φ0.5, Φ1, Φ1.5, Φ1.9, Φ2----

Inner diameter tolerance: ID±0.05mm, or customized according to customer requirements
Length L: L=0.5~300mm±0.2mm, the length can be processed according to customer requirements
surface requirementsThe product has no cracks, both end surfaces are ground surfaces, and the cylindrical surface is transparent.

Dimension Drawing of Thin Quartz Tube

Dimension Drawing of Thin Quartz Tube

Features of Thin Quartz Tube

Features of Thin Quartz Tube
  • Material: High-purity fused quartz, silicon dioxide (SiO2) content >99.9%, softening point >1650°C, high strength, high wear resistance, high light transmittance.

  • Usage Properties: The quartz tube is melted and drawn at high temperature. The surface is transparent, which eliminates surface micro-cracks and local surface hidden cracks in the optical fiber positioning holes. The quartz tube has high strength and is not easy to crack and break when dispensing glue to fix the optical fiber. The dispensing is qualified. The rate is high.

  • Environmental Properties: The hydroelectric composite wire drawing production process does not use any chemical solvents, and the material and production process do not contain or involve controlled substances required by the EU RoHS directive and Reach regulations.

  • Quality Stability: Through the closed-loop control of the CNC host, feeding mechanism, traction mechanism, and laser rangefinder, quartz tubes with the required diameter and inner diameter can be accurately drawn. The precision consistency is very high and the production stability is excellent.

  • Customized Structure: Using a high-precision grinder to finely grind the quartz tube plane, various structures can be customized to meet the requirements for connecting and fixing optical devices.

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