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Barium Fluoride Lenses

Barium fluoride lens is processed by ultra-precision multi-axis free-form surface machining machine. After ultra-precision fine grinding, grinding, measurement, ultra-precision polishing and other processes, under the condition of precise control of the machine tool and processing environment, ultra-precision machining in the plastic field of optical aspheric surface is realized. Ultra-precision correction polishing technology is used to polish the lens surface. Optical aspherical surface shape accuracy ≤0.1 micron, surface roughness Ra≤0.01 micron infrared barium fluoride lens.

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Specifications of Barium Fluoride Lenses

Barium Fluoride Lenses product parameter table
ProjectIndicator requirements
1. MaterialBarium Fluoride materials
2. DiameterOD≤φ150mm OD±0.025 or according to customer requirements
3. Center thicknessT±0.01 or according to customer requirements
4. Effective focal lengthaccording to customers needs
5. Working distanceaccording to customers needs
6. Effective apertureED>80% aspheric area
7. CoatingAR coating R<0.5% @λnm
8. Surface shapeUltra-high precision Rt≤0.1μm, high precision Rt≤0.5μm, precision Rt≤1μm
9. Surface quality60-40, 40-20, 20-10

Features of Barium Fluoride Lenses

Features of Barium Fluoride Lenses
  • One-stop customized production: Solar Valley can process a variety of flat convex, double convex, convex and concave structure aspherical Barium Fluoride Lenses.The shape can be round, D-type, square and so on.

  • Material: Barium fluoride (BaF2) has an optical transmittance of nearly 90% in the 200-9500nm optical range and is commonly used in lenses, beam splitters, prisms and window plates in cryogenic refrigeration imaging systems, aerospace optical systems and laser optical systems.

  • Lens performance: Barium fluoride lens crystal belongs to the cubic crystal system, with excellent moisture resistance, melting point 1280℃, so that BaF2 components work at extremely high temperatures, little change in refractive index in a wide wavelength range, wide transmission range.

    Product indicators:

    1. Maximum outer dimension of circular barium fluoride lens: OD≤φ150mm

    2. The maximum external dimension of square barium fluoride lens: L×W ≤100×100mm

    3. Barium fluoride lens can reach the following accuracy levels according to customer requirements:

    Ultra-high precision: surface shape error < 0.1μm, surface roughness < 0.01μm

    High precision grade: Surface error < 0.5μm, surface roughness < 0.05μm Precision grade: Surface error < 1μm, surface roughness < 0.1μm

  • Surface defect grade: 60-40, 40-20, 20-10 according to customer requirements.

  • Coating: According to customer requirements for coating, can provide no coating or a variety of broadband anti-reflection coating options.

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