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Calcium Fluoride Lenses

Utilizing state-of-the-art multi-axis free-form surface machining equipment, calcium fluoride lenses undergo a meticulous fabrication process. This includes fine grinding, precise measurements, and ultra-precision polishing, all conducted under strict control of both the machinery and the processing environment. The aim is to achieve unparalleled precision in the optical aspheric domain. Advanced correction polishing techniques are applied to refine the lens surface, achieving an optical aspherical surface shape accuracy of ≤0.1 micron and a surface roughness of Ra≤0.01 micron, characteristic of high-quality infrared barium fluoride lenses.

calcium fluoride lenses
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Specifications of Calcium Fluoride Lenses

Calcium Fluoride Lenses product parameter table
ProjectIndicator requirements
1. MaterialCalcium Fluoride materials
2. DiameterOD≤φ150mm OD±0.025 or according to customer requirements
3. Center thicknessT±0.01 or according to customer requirements
4. Effective focal lengthaccording to customers needs
5. Working distanceaccording to customers needs
6. Effective apertureED>80% aspheric area
7. CoatingAR coating R<0.5% @λnm
8. Surface shapeUltra-high precision Rt≤0.1μm, high precision Rt≤0.5μm, precision Rt≤1μm
9. Surface quality60-40, 40-20, 20-10

Features of Calcium Fluoride Lenses

Features of Calcium Fluoride Lenses
  • One-stop customized production: Solar Valley can process a variety of flat convex, double convex, convex and concave structure aspherical Calcium fluoride.The shape can be round, D-type, square and so on.

  • Material: CaF2 has a high transmittance through 0.18-8.0 microns, which is used for high transmittance applications in ultraviolet and infrared spectra. CaF2 lens is also widely used in excimer laser environment because of its excellent laser power damage threshold. CaF2 has a low dispersion and refractive index, ranging from 180nm to 8.0 microns, from 1.35 to 1.51

  • Lens performance: Calcium fluoride (CaF2) crystal, high hardness, strong resistance to mechanical shock and thermal shock, in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared field has a good transmittance, used in laser, infrared optics, ultraviolet optics and detectors and other scientific and technological fields, suitable for strict requirements, need UV to mid-wave infrared spectral performance of the application, calcium fluoride flat lenticular with low refractive index, High laser damage thresholds and low coaxial and radial stress birefringence make them ideal for use with excimer lasers or for integration into infrared systems.

    Product indicators:

    1. Maximum outer dimension of circular calcium fluoride lens: OD≤φ150mm

    2. The maximum external dimension of square calcium fluoride lens: L×W ≤100×100mm

    3. Calcium fluoride lens can reach the following accuracy levels according to customer requirements:

    Ultra-high precision: surface shape error < 0.1μm, surface roughness < 0.01μm

    High precision grade: Surface error < 0.5μm, surface roughness < 0.05μm Precision grade: Surface error < 1μm, surface roughness < 0.1μm

  • Surface defect grade: 60-40, 40-20, 20-10 according to customer requirements.

  • Coating: According to customer requirements for coating, can provide no coating or a variety of broadband anti-reflection coating options.

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