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Cemented Prism Cubes

The cemented Prism Cube is used in the optical system. In order to reduce the volume of the prism under a certain light aperture, two right-angle prisms of the same size and material can be cemented together along the inclined plane to form a cubic prism. It is mainly used in cameras, projectors, periscopes, telescopes. After milling, fine grinding, grinding and polishing, the right Angle prism in the cemented prism can achieve the optical surface accuracy ≤0.1 micron and the surface roughness Ra≤0.01 micron. Two right Angle prisms are cemented, and a cemented prism cube is formed by performing precision gluing and eccentricity tests using a centering device with a UV photosensitive adhesive curing device.

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Specifications of Cemented Prism Cubes

Cemented Prism Cubes parameter table
ProjectIndicator requirements
1. MaterialUse a variety of high-low refractive index optical glass, optical quartz
2. Overall dimensionsSquare L×W≤150×150mm   ±0.05mm
3. ThicknessT≤100mm±0.02 according to customer requirements
4. Effective focal lengthaccording to customers needs
5. Working distanceaccording to customers needs
6. Design wavelengthaccording to customers needs
7. CoatingCoating R<0.5% @λnm according to customer requirements
8. Eccentricity≤2′
9. Effective apertureED>95% aspheric area
10. Surface shapeUltra-high precision Rt≤0.1μm, high-precision Rt≤0.5μm, precision Rt≤1μm
11. Surface quality60-40、40-20、20-10

Features of Cemented Prism Cubes

Features of Cemented Prism Cubes
  • One-stop customized production: Solar Valley processes cemented prism cubes of various sizes and structures according to customer requirements.

  • Material: Use a variety of high-low refractive index optical glass, optical quartz.

  • Cube performance of cemented prism: cemented prism is plated with anti-reflection multilayer film on the incident surface and the exit surface, because the film layer has almost no absorption, the loss of incident light is very small, and the optical axis shift and ginning phenomenon are almost no. Tianyang Valley strictly matches the size and center thickness to ensure the adhesive thickness and accurate center thickness control to meet the high precision requirements. Using UV curing/gluing technology on different glass materials, Tianyang Valley dynamically adjusts the center of the optical axis of the two parts during the gluing process to eliminate the overall optical axis deviation after gluing. For high refractive index optical materials, the use of high refractive index UV photosensitive adhesive corresponding, accurate control of the center thickness tolerance of the adhesive can be used for optical design that is very sensitive to air spacing.

  • Product size indicator description:

    The maximum external dimension of the cemented prism cube: L×W≤150×150mm The center thickness of the cemented prism cube T≤100mm

    cemented prism cubes can achieve the following accuracy levels according to customer requirements:

    Ultra-high precision: surface shape error < 0.1μm, surface roughness < 0.01μm

    High precision grade: Surface error < 0.5μm, surface roughness < 0.05μm Precision grade: Surface error < 1μm, surface roughness < 0.1μm

  • Surface defect grade: 60-40, 40-20, 20-10, according to customer requirements.

  • Coating: can be coated on three sides, one side coated with matting paint, according to customer requirements for coating.

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