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Right Angle Prisms

The right Angle prism is used to turn the light path or to deflect the image generated by the optical system by 90°. According to the direction of the prism, the image can be aligned left and right, upside down and left and right, and the precise rotation of the prism controls the beam alignment, which can be used for image combination, beam deflection and other applications. The processing technology of Tianyanggu right Angle prism is mature, and it is easy to achieve high precision size, and the accuracy of the prism with a size of less than 3 inches can be controlled within 2 seconds. After milling, fine grinding, grinding and polishing, the rectangular prism can achieve high precision mirror flatness and Angle accuracy.

right angle prism
right angle glass prism
right angular prism

Specifications of Right Angle Prisms

Right Angle Prisms product parameter table
projectIndicator requirements
1. MaterialBK7, Bak4, fused silica, ZnSe, Ge, CaF2
2. Overall dimensionsMaximum overall size: ≤200×200mm ±0.05mm or according to customer requirements
3. ThicknessT≤100mm±0.02 according to customer requirements
4. Working wavelengthaccording to customers needs
5. Coatingaccording to customers needs
6. Angle tolerance30′
7. Effective apertureED>99.5% area
8. FlatnessPrecision λ/ 2@632.8nm High precision λ/ 10@632.8nm
9. Surface quality60-40, 40-20, 20-10, 10-5

Dimension Drawing of Right Angle Prisms

Dimension Drawing of Right Angle Prisms

Features of Right Angle Prisms

Features of Right Angle Prisms
  • One-stop customized production:Solar Valley processes various sizes of right angle prisms according to customer requirements.

  • Material: Optical glass BK7 or K9L, fused quartz, ZnSe, Germanium, calcium fluoride and other materials are used.

  • Right Angle prism performance: Tianyang Valley provides right Angle prisms for endoscopy, microscopy, laser calibration, medical instruments and other applications, with high surface quality and strict tolerance Angle. The right Angle prism turns the light 90 degrees by internal reflection of the hypotenuse. Compared with the common mirror, the right Angle prism is easy to install. In addition, its reliable mechanical stress has better stability and strength. As a result, right Angle prisms have been recognized as a suitable replacement for mirrors in a variety of applications.

  • Product size indicator description:

    The maximum dimension of rectangular prism: ≤200×200mm thickness T≤100mm

  • Surface defect grade: 60-40, 40-20, 20-10, 10-5 According to customer requirements.

  • Coating: coating according to customer requirements.

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