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Cold & Hot Mirrors

Hot and cold mirrors are special bandpass filters that use the characteristics of the dielectric coating on the surface of the substrate to selectively reflect and transmit light of specified wavelengths. Thermal mirrors reflect near infrared (NIR) and infrared (IR) and allow the transmission of ultraviolet (UV) and visible light. Chilled mirrors reflect UV and visible light and allow NIR and IR transmission. The processing technology of Tianyanggu hot and cold mirrors is mature and it is easy to achieve high-precision dimensions. After milling, fine grinding, grinding, polishing, and coating, the hot and cold mirror can achieve high-precision mirror surface flatness, included angle accuracy, and optical properties.

hot and cold mirrors
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Specifications of Cold & Hot Mirrors

Hot and cold mirror product parameter table
projectIndicator requirements
1. MaterialUse optical glass, fused quartz and other materials
2. Overall dimensionsMaximum overall size: ≤150×150mm ±0.05mm according to customer requirements
3. ThicknessT≤50mm±0.02 according to customer requirements
6. Working wavelengthIn the ultraviolet (UV), visible or infrared (IR) spectrum
8. Coatingaccording to customers needs
9. Angle tolerance3′
10. Effective apertureED>95% area
11. Flatnessλ/10 @632.8 nm
12.Surface quality60-40, 40-20, 20-10

Features of Cold & Hot Mirrors

Features of Cold & Hot Mirrors
  • One-stop customized production: Solar Valley processes hot and cold mirrors of various shapes and structures according to customer requirements, such as circles, squares, trapezoids, etc.

  • Material: Use optical glass, fused quartz and other materials.

  • Hot and cold mirror properties: The dielectric coating of the cold mirror is designed to reflect 90% of ultraviolet and visible light, while allowing 80% of NIR and IR light transmission; the dielectric coating of the hot mirror is designed to reflect 90% of NIR and IR wavelengths. Hot and cold mirrors have multilayer thin-film dielectric coatings deposited on their surfaces that serve as effective beam splitters and broadband filters that can be used to remove critical components of UV, near-infrared, and infrared head-up displays (HUDs) of imaging systems.

  • Description of product size indicators: Maximum dimensions of hot and cold mirrors: ≤150×150mm Thickness T≤50mm Surface shape: λ/10 @632.8 nm

  • Surface defect grade: 60-40, 40-20, 20-10 according to customer Request production.

  • Coating: Coating according to customer requirements.

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