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Ultraviolet (UV) Domes

Ultraviolet (UV) Domes use a CNC high-precision machining machine, and under the condition of precise control of the machine tool and the processing environment, the high-precision spherical dome is ground to meet the quality requirements. The spherical surface is polished to an optical mirror using high precision correction polishing technology, so that the parallelism of the convex surface with respect to the concave surface is less than 0.002mm, ensuring that the image and light propagation characteristics are not distorted.

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Specifications of Ultraviolet (UV) Domes

Ultraviolet (UV) Domes product parameter table
ProjectIndicator requirements
1. MaterialUltraviolet fused silica
2. Diameter10≤OD1≤300mm ±0.1mm
3. Center thickness1≤T≤20 ±0.1mm or according to customer requirements
4. RadiusThe angular transmittance is ≥93%, and the incidence angle is between ±25 degrees
5. Design wavelengthVisible to infrared wavelength applications
6. CoatingAR R<0.5% @λnm or according to customers needs
7. EccentricityAccording to drawing requirements
8. Effective apertureED>80% aspheric area
9. ApertureUsual grade N≤10 △N≤5 Precision grade N≤3 △N≤0.5
10. Surface quality60-40, 40-20, 20-10

Dimension Drawing of Ultraviolet (UV) Domes

Dimension Drawing of Ultraviolet (UV) Domes

Features of Ultraviolet (UV) Domes

Features of Ultraviolet (UV) Domes
  • One-stop customized production: Solar Valley processes a variety of convex and concave structure ultraviolet (UV) dome, dome shape can be circular, D type, hemisphere, super hemisphere and other structures.

  • Material: UV fused quartz.

  • Lens performance: UV fused quartz domes are used in complex environments with extremely high pressures. Both Corning 7890 2G and Spectrosil 2000 fused quartz provide over 90% transmittance at wavelengths as low as 185nm. The dome acts as a window, providing protection for electronic sensors or detectors without sacrificing the view, with high hardness, excellent chemical durability, no bubbles and impurities inside the material, ideal for high-performance UV applications, clear images, complete specifications, and aerospace quality.

    Product indicators:

    1.Ultraviolet (UV) dome maximum dimensions: OD≤φ300mm

    2. Ultraviolet (UV) dome can achieve the following accuracy levels according to customer requirements:

    Precision level: N≤3 △N≤0.5 Common level: N≤10 △N≤5

  • Surface defect grade: 60-40, 40-20, 20-10 according to customer requirements.

  • Coating: Coating according to customer requirements.

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