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Optical Domes

Optical domes are transparent hemispherical components designed to protect sensitive optical elements without compromising optical performance. They serve as protective barriers against environmental conditions while allowing unobstructed light transmission. Commonly used in underwater cameras, drones, and environmental sensors, optical domes are crafted from materials like sapphire, quartz, or optical glass to ensure durability and clarity. Their design minimizes optical distortion and supports wide-angle viewing, making them essential for high-precision applications requiring robust protection and optical excellence.

Types of Optical Domes

Visible Domes

Visible domes are transparent protective covers designed for clear visibility and light transmission in optical applications.

Ultraviolet (UV) Domes

UV domes are specialized optical covers designed to transmit ultraviolet light while protecting sensitive components from environmental factors.

Infrared (IR) Domes

Infrared (IR) domes are designed to transmit IR light, providing protection for sensors and cameras in various applications.

Domes With Flange

Domes with flange feature an integrated rim for secure mounting, enhancing stability and ease of installation in optical systems.

What Are Glass Domes Used For?

Glass domes serve a variety of purposes across multiple industries, blending both aesthetic and functional roles. In architecture, they are used to create stunning skylights or atriums, allowing natural light to flood into spaces while providing weather protection. In horticulture, glass domes can house terrariums, creating controlled environments for plant growth. In the realm of display and preservation, they protect and showcase valuable items, such as antiques, jewelry, or collectibles, preventing dust accumulation and damage. Additionally, in optical applications, glass domes are utilized in underwater cameras and surveillance equipment, offering a durable, transparent barrier that withstands pressure and maintains clear visibility, thereby enhancing the performance of the enclosed optical systems.

Can Optical Domes Be Custom-Made?

Yes, optical domes can indeed be custom-made to meet specific requirements and applications. Customization can involve selecting different materials, such as glass, sapphire, or acrylic, to achieve desired properties like optical clarity, scratch resistance, and durability under extreme conditions. The size and thickness of the dome can also be tailored to ensure optimal performance for specific uses, ranging from underwater cameras to aerospace sensors. Additionally, custom coatings can be applied to enhance the dome’s optical properties, such as anti-reflective coatings for reduced glare or hydrophobic coatings for water resistance. Manufacturers work closely with clients to design and produce optical domes that precisely fit the technical specifications and environmental demands of their projects, ensuring that the final product meets the exact needs of the application.

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