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RT Quartz Capillaries

The RT quartz capillary is a fundamental device for optical communication, made from high-purity quartz. It boasts an inner diameter accuracy of ±0.001mm, high dimensional positioning accuracy, and superior physical and chemical properties. This capillary features high ultraviolet transmission, allowing for quick alignment and bonding of 2/3/4 optical fibers with UV adhesive for secure positioning. Due to its polishing properties akin to those of optical fibers, it facilitates easy achievement of the optical polishing surface needed for fiber connections. It is widely used in optical components such as connectors, fiber optic connectors, and fiber optic couplers.

rt quartz capillarie

Specifications of RT Quartz Capillaries

RT Quartz Capillaries Product Parameter Table
ProjectIndicator Requirements
Material PropertiesIngredients: Quartz, SiO2 content>99.99%
Density: 2.2×103Kg/m3   Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 5.5×10-7cm/cm℃
Compressive strength: 4.8×107 Pascal (N/m2) (7000psi)
Tensile Strength: >1.1×109 Pascal (160000psi)
Softening Point: 1683℃   Hardness Point: 1215℃   Deformation Point: 1120℃
Coefficient: 1.4585
Dielectric Constant: 3.75 (@1MHz) Insulation Strength: 5×107V/m
Dimensional Accuracy

Outer Diameter: Φ0.75mm, Φ1.00mm, Φ1.80mm, Φ2.00mm, Φ2.50mm

Outer Diameter Tolerance: OD±0.005mm, customized according to customer requirements

Inner Hole Size: Length W 0.102, 0.162, 0.253, 0.379, 0.504 ±0.002mm 

Height H 0.051, 0.081, 0.128 ±0.002mm 

Inner hole size can be customized according to customer requirements

Length: 5mm, 7mm, 15mm, 20mm length 

Tolerance: L±0.2mm, or customized according to customer requirements

Taper Hole Diameter: Φ0.5±0.15mm, Φ1±0.25mm, or customized according to customer requirements
Taper Hole Depth: 0.5~1.5mm, 1~2.5mm, or customized according to customer requirements
Center Hole Position: 0.008mm
Surface RequirementsThe cylindrical surface of the product is transparent and has no cracks. The appearance and surface condition meet customer requirements.
Can be customized according to customer requirements.

Dimension Drawing of RT Quartz Capillaries

Dimension Drawing of RT Quartz Capillaries

Features of RT Quartz Capillaries

Features of RT Quartz Capillaries
  • Material: high-purity fused quartz, silicon dioxide (SiO2) content >99.99%, softening point >1650°C, high strength, high wear resistance, high light transmittance.

  • Usage properties: The quartz capillary tube is melted and drawn at high temperature. The surface is transparent, which eliminates local hidden micro-cracks on the surface. It is not easy to crack and break when dispensing glue to fix the optical fiber, and the dispensing qualification rate is high.

  • The quartz capillary is transparent and has high UV transmission characteristics. The capillary and 2/3/4 optical fibers can be quickly cured and bonded with UV adhesive to fix and position the optical fibers.

  • Environmental properties: The production process does not use any chemical solvents, and the materials and production process do not contain or involve substances controlled by the European Union.

  • High dimensional accuracy: Quartz capillary tubes with various inner hole shapes and structures are accurately made through CNC drawing towers. The optical fiber dimensional tolerance and positioning accuracy are high, and the center distance between 2/3/4 optical fibers can be precisely controlled.

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