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Glass Capillaries

Glass capillaries are slender, cylindrical tubes made from high-quality glass, designed for precision handling of liquids in various scientific and medical applications. These capillaries are essential for microfluidics, enabling the manipulation of minute fluid volumes with exceptional accuracy. They are widely used in laboratories for tasks such as sample transfer, microinjection, and the creation of microscale reaction environments. Their transparency allows for easy monitoring of contents, and they can be customized in size and shape to meet specific experimental requirements, making them versatile tools in research and diagnostic settings.

Types of Glass Capillaries

RB Glass Capillaries

RB glass capillaries offer high precision and durability for microfluidic experiments, ensuring reliable sample manipulation and analysis.

RT Glass Capillaries

RT Glass Capillaries are precision glass capillary tubes designed for laboratory and research applications, suitable for micro-volume liquid handling and sample analysis.

DG Glass Capillaries

DG Glass Capillaries are high-quality, durable glass tubes designed for precise fluid handling and analysis in scientific research.

DB Glass Capillaries

DB Glass Capillaries are precision-engineered glass tubes, ideal for detailed scientific experiments requiring accurate fluid manipulation.

SB Glass Capillaries

SB Glass Capillaries are specialized glass tubes designed for precision fluid transfer and analysis in laboratory and research settings.

TB Glass Capillaries

TB Glass Capillaries are high-precision, thin-walled glass tubes, essential for microfluidics and detailed analytical procedures in research.

Customized Shape Capillaries

Customized Shape Capillaries offer tailored dimensions and designs for specific laboratory needs, enhancing experimental accuracy and flexibility.

What Are Optical Glass Capillaries?

Optical glass capillaries are precision-engineered, thin-walled tubes made from optical-grade glass, designed for applications requiring the transmission, manipulation, or observation of light through the capillary walls. These specialized capillaries are crafted to maintain high clarity, ensure minimal optical distortion, and offer superior light transmission properties. They find extensive use in fields such as microscopy, where they facilitate the observation of microscopic samples with high resolution; in fiber optics, serving as preforms for drawing fibers; and in spectroscopy, for holding liquid samples for light absorption and transmission studies. The choice of glass material—such as borosilicate, fused silica, or quartz—depends on the specific optical properties required, including UV transparency, thermal stability, and resistance to chemical attack.

Optical Glass Capillaries Uses

Optical glass capillaries are utilized in a diverse range of scientific and technological applications due to their unique properties. In microscopy, they enable high-resolution imaging of samples by serving as microfluidic channels, allowing for precise manipulation and observation of biological specimens. In the field of fiber optics, these capillaries act as preforms for drawing optical fibers used in telecommunications, offering a pathway for light signals over long distances. Additionally, in spectroscopy, optical glass capillaries are employed to hold small volumes of liquid samples for analysis, facilitating accurate measurements of light absorption and transmission. Their ability to maintain clarity and ensure minimal optical distortion makes them indispensable in research and industry for applications requiring precise optical performance.

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